Rooibos Pronunciation: How to say Rooibos


Rooibos tea (or Pink tea)

According to my lookups on Tea producer sites, the proper way to say Rooibos is ROY-manager. It is that basic – Roy-manager.

I enjoy Rooibos – I have been getting natural and organic Rooibos Rocks from Amazon for years. And it is deserving to point out that rooibos is a Sourth African plant, it is not a tea. Rooibos is harvested, dried and then is brewed into a reddish organic consume recognized as African crimson tea or red bush tea. I consume it scorching with almond milk and honey and cold with a bit of honey.

The overall health positive aspects of rooibos are great. It can aid you snooze, due to the fact it is caffeine free. If you are attempting to cut out coffee, black tea or even eco-friendly tea from your diet regime, because they are large in caffeine, give rooibos a try. It is delicious. My favored way to drink rooibos tea is brewed chilly in the afternoon with a little little bit of honey. It is so refreshing and tasty.

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